Guix hosting


Get a VPS running the GNU Guix System, and enjoy the power of

  • declarative configuration for your whole operating system,
  • transactional upgrades with rollbacks to a known working state in case of a problem,
  • up-to-date and free (as in free speech) software !
Rent a VPS for 100€/year
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Although it is possible with some efforts to install GNU Guix on some VPS providers, there is currently no other off-the-shelf GNU Guix hosting solution. If you value your time at all, 100€/year for a GNU Guix VPS is a bargain.

Cutting edge, yet reliable

GNU Guix is used:

  • in High Performance Computing by research institutions such as
    • INRIA,
    • the Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin,
    • or the University of Tennessee,
  • by the Bitcoin core team to make reproducible software packages,
  • by the French gendarmerie’s National Cyber Crime Unit (C3N) for reproducible computer forensics,
  • by me, to host this very website ;-)
  • by researchers, professionals, and hobbyists across the world, to make computing free and reproducible.

Easy to configure

Do you want to host a static website ? it’s as easy as a single block in your operating system declaration:

(http-static-content #:from-host "" #:to-dir "/srv/")

Maybe run a mumble server to talk to your friends while you play together:

 #:fullchain-path "/srv/ssl/certs/"
 #:privkey-path "/srv/ssl/certs/")

Or use any of the dozens of prepackaged services included in Guix such as

  • the obvious web servers (nginx, apache),
  • wireguard,
  • transmission,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • etc.

You can also package and containerize your own application.

Learn how to get started


The pricing is simple and no-bullshit: for 100€/year, you get a VPS with 2GB of RAM, a 40GB SSD, and 250Mbit/s bandwidth, with its own IP.

You specify your SSH public key and an email address when you buy, and you receive an email with the IP of your VPS, to which you can connect through SSH.

Rent a VPS for 100€/year

If you need something more beefy, more specific, longer or shorter term, please drop me an email at: edk -at- and I’ll work with you to establish a quote. I also sell training and consulting services on GNU Guix.

Ethics statement

There are no cookies and no JavaScript on this webpage. I do not track your usage of the website or the product. I despise advertising, which is ruining the web. The pricing is cost-based and devoid of psychological traps such as nine-ending pricing, false urgency, artificial scarcity, etc.

To do business with you, I only need an email address, an SSH public key, and your money. If you want to bypass my payment processor (which does use cookies, JavaScript, and many forms of tracking), shoot me an email.

I am located in France and so are the VPS. I will abide by French law and respond to all lawful law enforcement requests. Don’t mistake me for a bulletproof host.

Who am I

I’ve been a free software enthusiast since the days of Yellow Dog Linux. I hold an engineering diploma in electronics, and a PhD in computer science. I have been running Beaver Labs, a scientific consulting business, since 2017. I have been a Guix user since 2016. I have contributed some trivial patches to it. is an initiative to fill a gap in the current hosting landscape, in which there is no off-the-shelf GNU Guix hosting solution.